Mare in burrasca ad Alghero


Sul ruolo della scuola

Molto bello l’ultimo post di Natacha Lampis pubblicato su BAU in merito alla questione inerente all’ex area Giordo ad Alghero (SS).  Mi ricorda le parole che Chris Lehmann ha pronunciato in questo discorso  per TEDx.

Schools need to be places of great inquiry. It is about asking great questions, and going and find the answers.

It has to be student-centered. It is not about us.

Schools can be place of great passion, and it has to matter.

What if high school were not just preparation for real life, what if high school is real life?

Days have to be integrated, and the day has to make sense. Classes cannot be silos but lenses.

Schools must promote metacognition; we need to learn how to think.

Keep Asking Questions: And don’t settle for easy answers. If asking questions is good for kids, it is good for us too. Let’s ask the hard questions.

Empower the Kids: It is their education, and it will be their world.